• Dimensions

    Female: Ø 2,8 mm
    Length: mm 5,5

  • Male

    WL block.
    Biocompatible plastic.
    Resistant to 60 °C.

  • Female

    Stainless steel alloy AISI 316L.
    Melting point 1302-1329 °C.

  • Screw

    Stainless steel alloy AISI 316L.

EASYLOCK is a new adjustable angular ritentive attachment derived from the SDF and it uses the same angular adjustment system of the retentive force.

EASYLOCK prevents the deterioration of the tooth enamel during the placement and removal of the dentures. Moreover, thanks to its small size, it is widely used in low articulations.

Use Indications

Position EASYLOCK on the alveolar crest using the parallelometer mandrel, choose a direction which makes the insertion of the prosthesis easier, leaving a space of approx. 0.3 mm from the alveolar crest.
Solder or glue it with self-polymerising resin to the frame prosthesis.
Recommended solders for female: 890-920 °C
Pickle using 10% hot sulphuric acid or salts.
Adjust the retaining force using the screw (max 1/4 rotation).
Seal the opening on the screw using wax and cover with self-polymerising resin.
Do not reduce the dimensions of the attachment.


If necessary replace the WL block.


The product is to be used by qualified dental technicians only, the same assume responsiblity for any risks arising from incorrect use.
Contains no dangerous substances. CR and NI not dangerous in steel alloy.
Do not use the device if the patient is allergic to the materials it contains.
Use safety goggles, masks, gloves and lab coats to prevent contact with dust and fumes, thereby eliminating all risks.
EASYLOCK is designed for use on one prosthesis only.


Mandrini Parallelometro