A leading company in the field of dental attachments (as confirmed by its latest European and US industrial patents), designed and marketed its adjustable angular attachments after long, thorough dynamic, static and functional tests.
The technological invention used in these attachments, which feature easy application and safe operation, even after a long period of use, is mainly based on the system of angular adjustment of retention force from which its name is derived.
This system totally eliminates the risk of accidental detachment of the prosthesis; it also enables the retention force to be graduated rapidly and easily from the lightest (very useful for the removal of prostheses on implants) to the strongest, culminating in locking.
The EASYLOCK Retention Device derived from the SDF attachment which allows aesthetic framework prosthesis to be made with adjustable retention without visible clasps in the most recent IWEL innovation.

Retaining force created by a special block in elastic material, directly adjustable by means of a screw on the basal of the prosthesis.
The groove of the screw found on the surface of the saddle of the prosthesis is always easy to be reached.
By turning the screw one has fine adjustment, or jamming, or the disassembly of the components.